30 Minutes

Stroke Rate Training

Practice maintaining your stroke rate while improving your technique and endurance.

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Stroke Rate Training Workout

Improve your technique on the rowing machine by maintaining a consistent stroke rate while increasing your endurance.

What is Stroke Rate Training?

This type of workout involves rowing at a controlled stroke rate, allowing you to focus on technique and power development.

This stroke rate workout consists of several segments of rowing at different stroke rates with rest periods in between. Each segment gradually increases the SPM (Strokes Per Minute) until you hit 32 SPM.

What are the benefits?

Improving your rowing machine technique is essential to getting the most out of your workouts.

One of the most important aspects of good rowing technique is maintaining a consistent stroke rate. This ensures that you are applying the same amount of effort and energy to each stroke, allowing you to row faster and with better form.

Just as important as maintaining a consistent stroke rate is improving your endurance ability. This can be done by increasing the length of your rowing sessions, as well as varying the intensity of your strokes.

Doing a combination of both will help you to get the most out of your rowing machine technique and allow you to reach your fitness goals.

When and how often?

The frequency of stroke rate training on a rowing machine will depend on you and your goals. Generally speaking, if you are a beginner rower and are just starting out, it is best to practice stroke rate training a once a week to help you build correct form and technique.

The workout:

Focus on maintaining a consistent SPM.
Try to maintain medium to high intensity strokes.

WARM UP (5:00)

  1. 5:00 - Row at 20 SPM (Strokes Per Minute)

INTERVAL 1 (16:00)

  1. 1:00 - Row at 24 SPM
  2. 1:00 - Rest (For rest periods you can choose between rowing at a very low intensity or doing nothing at all)
  3. 1:00 - Row at 24 SPM
  4. 1:00 - Rest
  5. 1:00 - Row at 26 SPM
  6. 1:00 - Rest
  7. 1:00 - Row at 26 SPM
  8. 1:00 - Rest
  9. 1:00 - Row at 28 SPM
  10. 1:00 - Rest
  11. 1:00 - Row at 28 SPM
  12. 1:00 - Rest
  13. 1:00 - Row at 30 SPM
  14. 1:00 - Rest
  15. 1:00 - Row at 30 SPM
  16. 1:00 - Rest

INTERVAL 2 (4:00)

  1. 1:00 - Row at 32 SPM
  2. 1:00 - Rest
  3. 1:00 - Row at 32 SPM
  4. 1:00 - Rest

COOL DOWN (5:00)

  1. 5:00 - Row at 20 SPM