18 Minutes

Ladders Long

The Ladder drill. Work your way from an aerobic state to an anaerobic state, and then back again. 60 second intervals.

Weight Loss
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The Rowing Machine ladder workout

Build up your fitness with this ladder workout for the rowing machine. Move through the SPM (Strokes Per Minute) range in this simple to follow workout.

What is a rowing ladder workout?

You've probably seen ladder workouts plenty of times before. They're pretty simple. Start off easy and gradually increase the intensity or difficulty and then gradually decrease again back to where you started.

We do this on the rowing machine by starting at a comfortable 20 SPM and raising that until we get to 32 SPM, before slowing back down to 20 SPM.

What are the benefits?

This ladder workout will gradually move you from an aerobic to anaerobic and back to aerobic state. This is great for your overall fitness, heart and burning calories.

This is also a great workout for practicing good technique through a range of SPM (20 - 32).

When and how often?

I like to mix this workout into my weekly training every now and then to practice rowing at different SPM levels while keeping my form consistent.

There are no rest periods so the volume is fairly high despite being only 18 minutes. It's important to listen to your body and not overdo it.

The Short Ladder workout is great alternative if you're a quicker workout at just 9 minutes long.

The workout:

Focus on maintaining your target SPM.
Keep your form consistent as you increase your speed.

WARM UP (4:00)

  1. 4:00 - Row at 20 SPM (Strokes Per Minute)

INTERVAL 1 (6:00)

  1. 1:00 - Row at 22 SPM
  2. 1:00 - Row at 24 SPM
  3. 1:00 - Row at 26 SPM
  4. 1:00 - Row at 28 SPM
  5. 1:00 - Row at 30 SPM
  6. 1:00 - Row at 32 SPM

INTERVAL 2 (5:00)

  1. 1:00 - Row at 30 SPM
  2. 1:00 - Row at 28 SPM
  3. 1:00 - Row at 26 SPM
  4. 1:00 - Row at 24 SPM
  5. 1:00 - Row at 22 SPM

COOL DOWN (3:00)

  1. 3:00 - Row at 20 SPM