9 Minutes

Ladders Short

The short Ladder drill. Work your way from an aerobic state to an anaerobic state, and then back again. 30 second intervals.

General Fitness
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A short and simple rowing ladder workout

Here is a simple rowing machine workout that will gradually increase your heart rate and then gradually lower it back down.

What is a rowing ladder workout?

Ladder workouts are widely used in fitness routines. They involve performing an exercise in an ascending and then descending pattern.

This allows you to begin with a low intensity (using Strokes Per Minute for rowing) to warm up and get your technique steady while gradually increasing your SPM. Once you have reached the most difficult part of the workout (the middle), you will gradually decrease the SPM until you are back in a cool-down phase.

It can be done as a warm-up or as an intense session and should focus on hitting the target strokes per minute.

What are the benefits?

- Get an effective and challenging workout in a convenient way.

- Increase your heart rate and get your body moving.

- Improve your cardiovascular health with a low-impact exercise.

- Burn more calories and tone your muscles with a rowing machine.

When and how often?

I'm a big fan of doing this Short Ladder workout as a warm up to my strength routines. It gradually gets the whole body moving and gets the heart pumping in under 10 minutes.

It's also a great workout to regularly mix into your training to make sure you're maintaining strong technique throughout the SPM range.

The Long Ladder workout is fantastic alternative if you're looking for a more intense session.

The workout:

Focus on hitting your target SPM.
The mid-section is the toughest, stick with it.

WARM UP (2:00)

  1. 2:00 - Row at 20 SPM (Strokes Per Minute)

INTERVAL 1 (3:00)

  1. 0:30 - Row at 22 SPM
  2. 0:30 - Row at 24 SPM
  3. 0:30 - Row at 26 SPM
  4. 0:30 - Row at 28 SPM
  5. 0:30 - Row at 30 SPM
  6. 0:30 - Row at 32 SPM

INTERVAL 2 (2:30)

  1. 0:30 - Row at 30 SPM
  2. 0:30 - Row at 28 SPM
  3. 0:30 - Row at 26 SPM
  4. 0:30 - Row at 24 SPM
  5. 0:30 - Row at 22 SPM

COOL DOWN (2:00)

  1. 2:00 - Row at 20 SPM